Rheadr Mawddach is a magnificent waterfall on the Afon Mawdach near Dolgellau in North Wales. A short run of river hydro scheme is being built at the moment. This site makes use of a site that has seen industrial use since 1869, redeveloping existing workings that were used to process the gold from the mines nearby. It’s hard to say what impact will be had on the waterfall, but hopefully it will retain it’s impressive appearance and that all important spray.


It was interesting to see the levels of care and of the beautiful woodlands that were (or weren’t) being shown. This scheme will generate upto 100kW and is a lot smaller in scale as well, taking place over only about 50m of river. The proposed Conwy scheme would take place over a number of sites spread through over a number of kilometers, with huge potential to damage a large swathe of the national park.







The new weir that has been put in appears to have given up, apparently a few weeks ago, and it’s not generated anything…




“Every effort will be made to build this scheme safely ensuring minimum impact on the archaeology and ecology of the area as well as to the public.

All the permissions have been approved by Snowdonia National Park, DECC and National Resources Wales. NRW have stated that they “would not object to the proposed application as they are unlikely to impact upon nearby protected sites.”” – Clogau Renewable Energy – A Clean Hydro Electric Scheme