Say no to hydro power on the Afon Conwy in the Snowdonia National Park

Tomorrow afternoon you can drop-in to the Waterloo Hotel in Betws Y Coed (just along from the petrol station) from 3pm until 7pm and speak to representatives from Natural Resources Wales about the proposed scheme.

NRW have made it abundantly clear that they don’t care about your opinion, only facts, so here’s some topics to think about if you are popping in…

“In making our determination, we will consider all relevant information submitted to us. Amongst the issues we consider when reaching our decision are:

 the environmental effects of the abstraction and impoundment and their impact on designated sites, the biological and/or geological features of interest they support, and on protected species and habitats”

The area is a SSSI and within the National Park – why has it been chosen?

 “the likely effect of the proposal on the protected water rights of existing licence holders and other lawful water users”

The data shows a significant drop in the number of days the gorge will be useable by kayakers, and also the introduction of a weir is both unsightly and unsafe. The area above Conwy Falls has sadly seen a number of tragedies and near misses that would have been worsened by a man-made weir. Who is responsible if their construction kills someone?


” the reasonable requirements of the applicant for water and its efficient use”

Is 5MW an efficient use of a pristine valley?

 “the sustainability of the proposal and any effects on biodiversity”

As a SSSI containing a previously uninterrupted corridor of life… why not ask about that?

However, often we receive comments on matters which are beyond the remit of our determination.

Among the issues we cannot consider are:

 Noise
 Dust
 Transport
 Future connections to the national grid
 Cultural heritage
 Construction impacts
 Rights of way

But by all means, you could ask about those things. Why don’t they care about cultural heritage? Why does it take 20 days to get some documents out?

See you on Thursday 12th November, Waterloo Hotel, Betws-y-Coed


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