Say no to hydro power on the Afon Conwy in the Snowdonia National Park

Save the Conwy has had some feed back from Canoe Wales. They have set up a dedicated email account for your responses : . Don’t worry if you have sent to the old address they will continue to get forwarded.

RWE assert that the preservation of the Fairy Glen is only of interest to a handful of “expert kayakers” . So tell Canoe Wales a bit about yourself. Are you an expert or just a normal guy/girl searching for a bit of adventure. Are you local or does the Conwy provide a draw for you to travel to North Wales. Do you paddle on the Conwy regularly , occasionally , or never but still believe this classic is worthy of protection.

Remember time is ticking, the window for object is short , please try to get your emails of by the beginning of next week.


4 Responses to “Feedback from Canoe Wales”

  1. Chris Price

    I am at intermediate level at the moment, but would love to aspire to a river as magnificent and unique as the stretch of Conwy under threat.
    Let us do our best to keep these natural and beautiful water ways untouched for future generations.

  2. Ben

    Such a unique piece of untouched natural beauty that has been moulded by nature alone should be left just that.


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